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Forgotten Soldier Program brings a unique healing experience to aid the Veteran in his/her emotional trauma – a trauma that effects the body, mind, spirit & soul.
The Emotional body has become disturbed and has disassociated with the flow of the whole self. When a person loses connection to his/her self they become trapped and frozen 24/7 within themselves.
The practitioners at FSP are here to aid the Veteran in healing emotions & unwanted memories.
The core to every symptom is a dis-ease that sits within the body. Military training teaches a person how to disassociate with the emotions; at FSP, we are here to help bring all of you back.

The Forgotten Soldier Program is dedicated to offering the highest complementary integrative health care services for optimized treatment and preventive care that strengthens physical, mental, and spiritual health of Veterans. 

Since 2005, we have helped over 24,000 Veterans and their family members – and at no cost to those being served.

Learn About the Placer Reset Program

The Placer Reset program is dedicated to providing “Whole Body Health” Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Well Being. Informational workshops, Suicide Prevention, Retreats & One on One Care for First Responders, Police Officers, Active Military, Veterans, and their family members.


  • PTSD & PTSI are the results of all that has happened to an individual, when involved in a traumatic event.


  • Innovative Integrative health care approach – a place to process and be heard, seen, finding avenues that fit an individual’s needs.


  • Creating a camaraderie that helps reset, restore, renew from the effects of trauma and helps heal moral injuries, the invisible wounds.


  • Placer Reset brings back the essential building blocks that incorporates sustainable change for the quality of life.


  • Encourages positive lifestyle changes without prescription drugs.



  • Provides services and retreats at no cost thanks to generous donations and grants.
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"We help you find your way home!"

I realized the brave men and women who served for our country were not getting the help they needed. Many of our heroes return with emotional, physical, and spiritual injuries that can last a lifetime. I believe you can combine different modalities to bring back balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

With that desire in my heart, I created the Forgotten Soldier Program to give hope back so that no one is forgotten. All of us should be looking to make a difference in our world and through mindfulness and empathy I believe we can make a difference.

Donna Arz PhD.   – Founder of the Forgotten Soldier Program

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Suicide Prevention

Moral Injury Counseling



Craniosacral Therapy


Marriage Family Therapy (MFT)


Spiritual Direction

Guided Imagery

Art Processing

Holistic Nutrition

Health Coach

22,000 Veterans served… At no cost to them.

Empathetic Touch works with the emotional trauma and the elements of trauma that disturb the natural flow of each individual. Trauma that affects and brings dis-ease to the mind, heart or soul. Empathetic Touch also helps bring back any of the fragmented pieces of the soul that have splinted off due to trauma. 

Medical research shows that therapies can be effective treatments for:​

“Where there are needs, we will be there lending a hand, reintegrating veterans back into civilian life.”

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